Osaka & Kyoto Travel

Last Friday, I said farewell to Chuncheon where I taught English in South Korea for the past year. The time certainly went by fast and it was an interesting experience that required me to get outside of my comfort zone. I will write more about in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, I landed in Japan, where I am kick starting my travels for the month of May. As mentioned previously, I hope to explore more travel destinations in the Asia Pacific this year and now that I’ve completed my first teaching contract in Korea, I am taking a brief sabbatical to satiate my travel bug and prepare for the next chapter in my life.

This is my second day in Japan and after spending a full year in Korea without traveling outside of the country, except for when I visited home a couple months ago, Japan has been a breath of fresh air. I tell you travel does something to my soul. It makes me feel alive and I’m often inspired. I am already feeling renewed.

I spent my first day in Osaka. It rained a lot yesterday and as a result, I didn’t do a fraction of what I’d originally planned to do there. Thankfully, today is a warm and sunny day. I arrived in Kyoto a couple hours ago and I can’t wait to explore its beautiful parks and gardens, the Arashiyama bamboo groove, the famous geisha district in Gion, some of its temples and shrines, and hopefully, I can arranged to attend a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

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  1. Netta J.

    It’s a tad late but I’m so excited for you! I saw your most recent video but couldn’t comment because… Google+. I look forward to the adventures you have in Japan and I hope you take tons of photos for us. :)Take care and be safe~!

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