A Walking Meditation at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island

Morning or evening, the views of Victoria Harbour are beautiful and inspiring. If I lived on Hong Kong Island, I could see myself spending time walking about the waterfront and just taking it in, watching sunrises and sunsets, ferries go by, people watching, and maybe even catching wedding photo shoots (what a backdrop) as I did when I visited.

One day as I let my daughter run around the waterfront and play, there was a man doing what I would describe as a walking mediation. The entire time we were there, which was for a couple of hours, he clapped and smiled, while walking back and forth under the palm trees, oblivious to anyone’s presence or just in his zone.

hong kong island victoria harbour travel photo

A man doing a walking meditation, Hong Kong Island Waterfront

Observing him in his space, focused on being in the moment and seeming to be so free, without a care in the world was relaxing to me. He was content with life, had peace and was happy. The happiness he exuded came from within and the joy he experienced whenever I saw him smiling was independent of anything external to him.

It was a reminder that we should make time to just be in the moment, listening to our hearts, feeling our breath, and to experience the space of stillness and the joy and peace that it can elicit. Why is it that more times than not, we look outward to experience joy and happiness in lieu of inward?

I am an American living in South Korea and the creator of Allured Abroad, an expat lifestyle blog focusing on expat family life, parenting abroad, and raising multicultural kids. I’ve been living abroad for nearly five years and what I have realized through travel and cultural immersion is that we’re just one in 7+ billion people. With so much variation in the world, what are the possibilities?

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