Village of Dreams

I grew up in a rural setting outside of The Original Nashville in North Carolina. Despite growing up in what my fiance teases as being village life, my dreams were much bigger than what I saw around me.

For example, I recall wanting to go study abroad in France when I was about 13 or 14 years old and sharing it with a relative who made the remark to me, “You’re just like your mom and dad. They were big dreamers too.” She said it not to encourage me, but as if I was out of touch with reality.

I never forgot her words. In my adult life, I’ve reflected on them and have wondered how many people believe their dreams are too big to achieve and so they never pursue them.

Walking through this village in Kyoto, I was reminded of my dreams of traveling to foreign lands and immersing myself into different cultures. And I’ve concluded that it is perfectly okay to be a small town girl with big dreams.

Had I not had them, I wouldn’t be living abroad, traveling the Asia Pacific, learning about different cultures and sharing a bit of my own, as well as, meeting some of the most interesting people from around the world.

So no matter what, dream and do it big even if you live in a small village and know no one around you who is or has done whatever it is you aspire to do. Let it be your place of inspiration for and motivation to pursue your dreams.

*Originally published May 29, 2014

I am an American living in South Korea and the creator of Allured Abroad, an expat lifestyle blog focusing on expat family life, parenting abroad, and raising multicultural kids. I’ve been living abroad for nearly five years and what I have realized through travel and cultural immersion is that we’re just one in 7+ billion people. With so much variation in the world, what are the possibilities?

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