I’m an Expat Mom of Two

I’m an expat mom and albeit it has been two years, I am still trying to put my mind around the fact that I am a mother of not one, but now two girls. Let’s back track.

I gave birth abroad to my first daughter back in 2014 and six weeks ago, my second daughter was born here in South Korea. Had you told me when I moved overseas that I’d become a mother, I would have laughed and thought you were nuts. But, that is what happened.

Life with a toddler and an infant is interesting. Translation: It will make you question everything you ever believed, test your patience, and make your wonder if the next time you will get sleep is when you are laid to rest. Yet, you will discover how resilient you are on a daily basis.

Having children is one of the biggest life adjustments. For me, it isn’t just sleeplessness, but time. All of the time I used to enjoy doing whatever I wished whenever I wished prior to having children has vanished. Being an INFJ poster child, I have always enjoyed my alone time and needed time to decompress, but at present I don’t have it as I would like.

expat mom - allured abroad

Princess Amira, my eldest turns two this month. Is it she tall?

Thus, a major downside to starting a family abroad is that you don’t have physical support from family. When Ibi and I are exhausted, we can’t just drop the babies off up the street at grandma’s house so we can regroup. Literally, we do everything and it isn’t easy.

It has been months since I last blogged and I wanted to write and give you a quick life update. I hope to get the direction of my blog going again. In the meantime, I am trying to figure out life with babies 22 months apart, discover myself again, and create a new normal of balance.

I am an American living in South Korea and the creator of Allured Abroad, an expat lifestyle blog focusing on expat family life, parenting abroad, and raising multicultural kids. I’ve been living abroad for nearly five years and what I have realized through travel and cultural immersion is that we’re just one in 7+ billion people. With so much variation in the world, what are the possibilities?


  1. Robert Doyle

    Congratulations! I had been wondering where you were, but obviously you had more important things than blogging to take care of! Looking forward to more posts and photos, but more than that, more about your two beautiful girls!

    • Hello Robert! Thank you. I miss writing and hope to get back it sooner than later. I honestly hadn’t realized that it had been four months since I last wrote. I’m slowly starting to get the hang of things with my two little ones.

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