Photos: Hanoi’s French Colonial Architecture

Last month when I was visiting Hanoi, October 10th marked 61 years of the country’s independence from French colonial rule. The French occupied Vietnam from 1873 to 1954 and today, walking the streets of this capital city, you can see an interesting blend of French architecture among the colorful charm of traditional Vietnamese style.

hanoi french colonial architecture

french colonial style - hanoi vietnam

apricot hotel - hanoi vietnam french colonial architecture

Apricot Hotel – Hanoi, Vietnam

state guest house - hanoi vietnam - french colonial architecture

State Guest House – Hanoi, Vietnam

saint joseph's cathedral - hanoi french colonial architecture

Saint Joseph’s Cathedral – Hanoi, Vietnam

luxury hotel metropole hanoi french colonial style architecture

Hotel Sofitel Legend Metropole – Hanoi, Vietnam

*Originally published on November 9, 2015

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  1. Wonderful photos! I hope to see Vietnam some day and see some of this architecture for myself. Really happy to have come across your blog 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping over and commenting! Vietnam is a lovely country and I eager to see more of the country. Hopefully, I get back very soon to explore more of it. It really took me by surprise.

      • I have heard that. I have a travel documentary at home (Full Circle With Michael Palin) and he saw parts of Vietnam and it looked beautiful and the people seem great too. I definitely will be exploring your blog more. I have had a bit of a fascination with Korea as well. Growing up we had neighbors from there and I had quite a lot of their food and admired the art as well (he was a contemporary artist).

        • The people in Vietnam were very friendly and hospitable. Korea is also a beautiful country, with so many mountains. They’re everywhere and it is an interesting place to live. I have been here for almost three years. My daughter was born here, as well.

          • Sounds lovely. I’ll echo Danielle’s comment on her Social Media post and say that your daughter is adorable! As to the travelling, I hope to get to Asia some day. And South America. And more of Europe…and Africa, Australia….:-)

          • Thank you! I am especially hoping to get to Australia while I’m on this side of the world.

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