A Blog Writer Who Stopped Writing to Start Again

I am a blog writer who stopped writing and it is time to start again.

When I started this blog, I had many ambitions for it. However, I didn’t manifest them because I stopped writing before the faucet had a chance to flow. I could say I lost my writing voice. I could say that life happened and well, it did. But are those sufficient reasons for a writer to stop writing?

I used to keep a personal journal and write in it every night and sometimes in the mornings. But, in the four years that I have lived in Korea, I have only wrote in my journal a few times. I certainly have had a lot of things to not only document, but to create and publish content about for this blog. Yet, I didn’t write because I was uninspired. And I found it difficult to write from the heart and a place of transparency.

In my personal journal, I used to reflect on my life each evening before bed. It was the time of day that I could write down my innermost thoughts, sort through challenges, and connect with something greater than myself. On those pages, I could write without judgment. It was just me, my pen, and journal.

I want to treat this blog somewhat like I did my personal journal. What I mean by that is I want to write authentically, not perfectly for my audience. I want to write without being overly concerned with SEO or the content other bloggers are creating, the size of their readership, and how they’re flourishing as a blog writer. I need to just write.

My 2017 blogging goal is to openly write and share more about my personal journey as an expatriate. This will include my successes, challenges, and failures. I need to write to make sense of the person I have become. I also need to write and give life to the characters in my head who came to me as of living abroad.

Unlike my personal journal, I want you as my audience to read what I write and to engage with me by commenting. And if you’re inclined to share what I am writing. Can I have your support? Please stay tuned by subscribing to this blog and following me on Instagram.

I am an American living in South Korea and the creator of Allured Abroad, an expat lifestyle blog focusing on expat family life, parenting abroad, and raising multicultural kids. I’ve been living abroad for nearly five years and what I have realized through travel and cultural immersion is that we’re just one in 7+ billion people. With so much variation in the world, what are the possibilities?


  1. Being uninspired is the worst feeling. I have stopped fretting about not meeting blogging goals-say writing a post a week like I was averaging at one point a year or so ago. Life happens, and as long as my head is swimming with ideas for my next post, or jotting things down in my little notebook for future ones I don’t worry. But it is when I am uninspired that I worry. It happened to me last year in fact and I really was starting to worry that I had reached the end of that particular blog. What I did was just stop thinking about it. I started running again and while out for a run one beautiful spring morning it all came roaring back. It is nice to see you back here. I don’t leave many comments on IG, but I enjoy following your life abroad!

    • Hello, Robert! Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your experience. It means a lot. I agree feeling uninspired is not a good feeling. In the time I’ve been away from blogging, I always thought about it. Oh, I need to write something, but when it came to sitting down to create content, I couldn’t get it going. Now, I am choosing to just write and to do like you, jot things down into my notebook. I have actually started doing voice notes. I commute to work through a rural area here and instead of listening to radio as of late, I just use the time to think and make voice notes when ideas come to me. I too enjoy your IG. I hope you have an awesome New Year!

      • Happy New Year to you and yours as well Tabitha! I’m bad at things like voice notes. Meaning though my phone is never far away, I never bother to make notes, or put reminders in my phone. I still do it the old fashioned way-a sticky note on my wallet lol. But however you do it is good. The notebook has been great for me because even if it is a fleeting thought-one word or one vague reference, I often can write an entire post on that one word. Looking forward to reading more from you once again.

  2. Nice post. I relate with what you are going through as I just moved to Europe recently and struggling to find my own rhythm so that I can be inspired to write more. Thank you for sharing your experience and now I know I am not alone in this and I think one of the best ways to keep doing what we love to do and being inspired is TO KEEP DOING IT in any kind of situation as there is no perfect time to do anything except NOW! Keep On Writing!

    • Hi Sara! Initially, I think one would think it would be so easy to write when you moved to a new place because it is associated with starting anew. But sometimes, it takes time to connect and be inspired and to reconnect to our rhythm. Thank you for your encouraging words, “to keep doing it”and to “keep on writing”. We only have the gift of the present. I look forward to following your journey in Europe!

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