Expat Life in Korea, Vol. 1 – What I Do

I’d like to introduce you to my new blog series, Expat Life in Korea. In this series, I will share with you aspects of my life abroad. To start off, I thought I would first share with you what I do and what brought me to the Korean peninsula.

What I Do in Korea

I teach English. When I first moved to Korea I came to work for its formal education system as a Guest English Teacher. That year, I taught at an all boys private high school. When I finished that contract, I took six months off and had my first daughter. Following, I signed another contract and went to work for a public elementary school. When I completed that contract, I took another leave of almost one year to have my second daughter. I didn’t have any plans of teaching English again. But then, a work opportunity came to me that I found to be extremely doable as a working mom. Now, I teach part-time in Korea, as an independent contractor earning what my base salary was when I worked full-time.

I am a full-time mother. I’m grateful for how I currently earn a living abroad because it doesn’t conflict with my mother role. After I had my first daughter, I resumed working full-time and found it to be a challenge. I was a new mother, breastfeeding, and working full-time. Being a mom abroad, I didn’t have a social support system. I recall getting home from work, showering, and nursing my baby for the rest of the evening until she went to sleep. Shortly after, I’d sleep and then, it was time for me to get up and go back to work. I was so restless and couldn’t figure out of all of the working I knew had done it. When you’re a parent you some how figure out how to do what’s needed even when it isn’t your ideal.

I am working on becoming an online entrepreneur. Living abroad has open my eyes to an entirely different perspective on living than the one I was socialized in back in the U.S. I want financial freedom, flexibility, and to be location independent. I’m 36 years old and I’m at a point in my life where I’d like to invest my time and creative energy on my own business endeavors. I have resolved that there is no better time than to cultivate the lifestyle that is fulfilling to me and beneficial to my family. Our season in Korea is winding down. I would still love to work with students, but back in academia and in a different location while growing a thriving online business.

This is a little background about what I do to make a living in Korea–teaching–and what I aspire to do and why my efforts are moving towards online entrepreneurship.

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