My Korean Skin Care Regimen for Anti-Aging

Years ago, I heard supermodel, Iman state on Oprah that what you do in your 20s for your skin pays off in your 30s. And what you do in your 30s, pays of in your 40s and so forth. Now that I am in my mid-30s, that logic is ringing in my ears and why I’ve created my own Korean skin care regimen for anti-aging.

Each morning I take a look in the mirror, perhaps for too long, and I wonder what the old lady inside of me will look like and what I can do to hang on to my youth. I can’t deny that I have aging signs and as a result, I am learning to invest in nurturing and being intentional about loving my skin. I have realized that prevented skincare is the best solution to aging youthfully.

After living in Korea and learning about some Korean skin care products and regimens, I have adopted one specifically for anti-aging.

What is My Korean Skin Care Regimen for Anti-Aging?

My Korean skin care regimen for anti-aging includes a total of 8 steps when combined together. However, I have a day and evening regimen that consists of 7 steps each. Most of these steps overlap. I have noted in parenthesis which ones I do exclusively in the mornings and evenings.

Step 1 – Oil Cleansing (Evenings)

The purpose of using a cleansing oil is to remove your makeup, environmental debris, and to keep your skin youthful. I use a The Face Shop’s Deep Firming Cleansing Oil, made with acai berry and green tea extract. It also has sunflower seed oil, which has essential fatty acids that help with tightening and firming your skin. In addition, it contains Vitamin E to protect your skin and smooth wrinkles.

Step 2 – Foam Cleansing

Korean skincare regimens consists of double cleansing, in the evenings. After using a cleansing oil, I follow up with a foam cleanser. This removes any excess dirt from my face. I am currently using a line from The Face Shop, The Therapy Essential Formula Foaming Cleansing Foam. Ingredients include olive oil, honey extract, oat flour extract, cacao extract, laurel leaf extract, and calendula.  What I really love about this cleanser is that it’s mild, removing skin impurities without irritation. My skin both looks and feels clean after each use.

Step 3 – First Serum

Serums are usually applied after you apply your toner. But, this particular serum is done prior to applying a firming toner; hence, the name First Serum. I use The Therapy’s line from The Face Shop. It uses a 200-year-old natural blending skin therapy, a technique originating from Europe to combat anti-aging effects. Some of its ingredients include palmarosa, which has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to treat skin issues; avocado to moisturize and sandalwood to minimize aging signs. It also uses seawater, providing your skin with a lot of essential minerals.

Step 4 – Firming Toner

When you think of toners, you probably associate them as being watery and for removing any leftover dirt from your face. However, the consistency of the one I use is thicker than water. It is similar to a serum and it provides firming effects using essential nutrients from fermented propolis and yogurt. I have been using The SMIM Firming Care Toner since before my 10 month old was born. I love it because upon application, it noticeably makes my skin look better. Hands down, it is the best toner I have ever used.

Step 5 – Revitalizing Serum

Discovering serums has made me feel like I had been hiding under a rock. I received a sample set of The Face Shop’s latest lines, Yehwadam with a recent order and OH MY GOD, their Revitalizing Serum is amazing. It is so rich and feels like a piece of silk as I smooth it onto my face. Key ingredients include Gogi berry extract, which helps to give you a glow, safflower to improve you skin’s tone and complexion, and ginseng to revitalize your skin.

Step 6 – Eye Cream

If there is one thing that bothers me about my skin, it is my under eye area. I have dark circles and fine wrinkles.

Since becoming a mom, I think insufficient sleep has made my dark eye circles more pronounced. I am blessed in that my children sleep at night. My issue is that when they’re asleep, I am up late researching and trying establish an empire. A friend and I were talking recently and she felt that motherhood sped up the aging process. I can see how that could happened. What do you think? If so, then that is why it is so important to do preventative skincare.

I purchased the Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Eye Cream. Formulated with mango seed extract, it is rich in nutrients and extremely moisturizing, leaving a thin protective layer under your eyes. I really wanted to love this product because it is anti-wrinkles and it’s made from one of my favorite fruits. But I have to be honest. It agitated my eyes.

After several uses, I realized that it was causing my eyes to have a burning sensation. I didn’t immediately make the connection that it was the product causing my eye irritation due to seasonal allergies in Korea. But one day, my eyes were really bothering me and I had a notion to go and wash my face. It immediately stop and that was the last time I used this product.

The reviews on the Mango Seed line are good. Unfortunately, the eye cream wasn’t a good fit for me. What I have been doing for my eye area is massaging the Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum under my eyes and in conjunction with my sunscreen during the day and a night cream in the evenings. I will likely experiment with more eye creams, but for now that is all that I am doing. This same line from The Face Shop also has a revitalizing eye cream, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Step 7 – Emulsion/Moisturizers

When it comes to moisturizing my skin, I like emulsions because they make my skin feel soft and they are lightweight moisturizers. Currently, I am using Yehwadam Revitalizing Emulsion. It is formulated with Korean Ginseng to revitalize your skin, safflower to improve your skin tone and complexion, and Goji berry extract to minimize aging skin cells and give your skin a glow. In the evenings, I use a heavier moisturizer, The Therapy’s Moisture Blending Formula Cream as a night cream.

Step 8 – Sunscreen (Mornings)

I have a personal confession. I literally just started wearing a sunscreen upon learning that sun exposure to unprotected skin is the leading cause of premature aging. I’m a melanin-rich, woman of color and I had assumed that my brown skin was sufficient enough to protect my skin. Of course, I knew not to go laying on the beach in the sun without using a sun-blocking cream, but that I should be using a sunscreen daily on my face is new to me.

I have a learned a lot as of late about UVB and UVA rays and how they effect unprotected skin in the aging process –wrinkles, age spots, dark patches or hyper-pigmentation. It was enough to convince me to find the best sunscreen for my skincare regimen.

I now use the Natural Eco Sun No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream from The Face Shop. With a SPF level of 40 to protect against UVB rays and a UVA grading of PA+++, this water-based sunscreen provides protection for eight hours. It is perfect for all skin types and if you have oily skin, you will especially appreciate its sebum control. Another added benefit is that it works as a mattifying and pore smoothing primer for your makeup. I love it and wish I had known much sooner than now to include a sunscreen in my skin care regimen.

There you have it, my Korean Skin Care Regimen for Anti-Aging. There are other things that I do, but not everyday. I will share them with you in another post, “Bonus Steps in My Korean Skincare Regimen” where I will talk about other K-beauty skincare staples (e.g. sheet mask, nose make, eye mask, etc. Please make my day by liking, commenting, and staying tuned by hitting the subscribe now button below to your left.

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